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New Grove Baptist Church
Historical Overview


Rev. William (Billy) Barnett

The humble beginning of the congregation of New Grove Baptist Church – Winterville grew out of the Moore’s Grove Baptist Church in 1871.  The first structure for the newly formed group of worshippers was a Brush Harbor which was also named Moore’s Grove Baptist Church.  During the early history Rev. William M. (Billy) Barnett served as the first pastor and Rev. William Coile (nicknamed Preacher Coile) organized the group and Sunday services was held each fourth Sunday of the month.  In 1883, the church was provided with the deeds to the present site and the name was changed to New Grove Baptist Church.
The second pastor was Rev. John B. Gordon.  Records indicate that Rev. Gordon served until May of 1923 and moved his home to Chicago.  Serving without a pastor the church called Rev. N. W. Culbreath and served until November of 1926.



Rev. R.A. Hall

In February of 1927, the Rev. R. A. Hall was called to pastor and served for more than 41 years.  During the Rev. Hall’s tenure, the church building was destroyed in March of 1932 by a tornado.  Once again the congregation found itself worshipping in a Brush Arbor.  A new building was erected and numerous auxiliaries were formed (The Faithful Few, the Sundshine Band, and others). 

An iron church bell was part of the new beginning and the ringing of the church bell was part of funeral processions.  Annual events such as Homecoming and Revival became part of the celebrations during the month of August and continue to this day.


Rev. Andrew Clark

In 1965 a committee was formed to consider renovations to the building.  The committee members were Sis Katie B. Wood, Sis. Florence Ray, Dea. Northern Sims, Dea. Harvey Johnson and chairperson Dea. W. T. Browner.  May 1968 the congregation was blessed to have service in the remodeled facility.  In November of that same year (1968), Rev. R. A. Hall resigned due to health issues and the Rev. Andrew Clark was called to pastor.  (Rev. Hall passed on April 4, 1969).  Rev. Clark continued in the tradition of Rev. Hall and served faithfully until November 1979, completing eleven years of dedicated service.


Dr. James Washington, Jr.

In March 1980 the church family embarked upon a new chapter of history and called James Washington Jr. to pastor.  Moving from the traditional one Sunday a month worship service, the church immediately moved to two Sundays a month in 1980 and every Sunday worship service in July 1982.  The church completed a new sanctuary in February 1986 and a Fellowship / Education Building October 1991 retiring all mortgages and debts in July 2004.

Continuing to move forward, the church family celebrated two recordings: GIVE ME JESUS ALL THE WAY (1984) – Bro. Charles (CJ) Johnson, director; and THE WAY OF THE NEW BIRTH (1987) – Pastor J. Washington Jr. & the New Birth Singers.  Sis Teresa Haynes debuted her first CD – “He Lives in Me” (1998) and Voices released a DVD (2009).
Ministries have grown including Youth and Adults Organizations in the areas of Music, Education, Dance, Foreign and Domestic Outreach, Trainings, Businesses, Electronics, Audio / Video,  Transportation, and a separate non profit to name a few.

A Past to Cherish … A Future to Fulfill